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Allanson Population Statistics

Allanson is a small town in Western Australia located in the South West Region just west of Collie on the Coalfields Road and on the shoreline of the Collie River. Land was originally set aside for coal miners so that they could live close to the mines in 1898. A railway station named West Collie opened in the same year. The original townsite, also called West Collie, was gazetted in 1906. The original townsite was later discovered to be placed over commercial viable coal seams so a new townsite was founded in 1911 located a short distance from the original. The new town was gazetted in 1912 and changed its name in 1916 to Allanson. The town was named after an MLA for the seat of Collie, Arthur Alan Wilson, who was in office from 1908 to 1947. Allanson restored its original bush school in 2002 after it operated in the town from 1911 to 1989 before being closed. A book Our Little Bush School has been written about people's memories of the school. The average price for a House is AUD 349,000. Out of 605 residents, 305 (50%) are male, 300 (50%) are female, and the average age is 37. There is a range of facilities in the area, including 1 school.
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Property Median Price

Demographics Data

People and Families


  • Male305
  • Female300


  • 0 - 14158
  • 15 - 2467
  • 25 - 3457
  • 35 - 4495
  • 45 - 54106
  • 55 - 6471
  • 65+51

Type of Household

  • Single Person26
  • Family163
  • Group0



  • Owned Outright68
  • Owned with a Mortgage109
  • Rented10
  • Other0


  • Separate House189
  • Semi-detached0
  • Flat, unit0
  • Other0

No. of Bedrooms

  • 1 bedroom3
  • 2 bedrooms9
  • 3 bedrooms69
  • 4 bedrooms95
  • 5 bedrooms14
  • 6 bedrooms or more0
  • Other0

Primary School

1 place
  • Allanson Primary School CAMERON STREET ALLANSON WA 6225
    Co-ed Government

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