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Peak Hill Population Statistics

Peak Hill is the name of a goldfield, locality and the site of a gold mining ghost town in the Murchison Region of Western Australia. The gold mine covers 2,162 hectares and consists of four open-cut mines, titled Main, Jubilee, Fiveways and Harmony. In the adjacent region to the locality there are considerable non auriferous mineral deposits. Adjacent fields included the Horseshoe field. Early exploration at the site occurred in the 1890s, when gold was discovered by William John Wilson in 1892. The townsite was gazetted in 1897, and the field has had varied fortunes even in early years. Before 1913, the mine produced some 270,000 ounces of gold. Peak Hill was also included as a location in a regional newspaper network of more outlying mining communities in the 1920s and 1930s. The population of the town was 190 (180 males and 10 females) in 1898. Out of 567 residents, 429 (76%) are male, 138 (24%) are female, and the average age is 38.
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Property Median Price

Demographics Data

People and Families


  • Male429
  • Female138


  • 0 - 1448
  • 15 - 2473
  • 25 - 34150
  • 35 - 44102
  • 45 - 54118
  • 55 - 6460
  • 65+14

Type of Household

  • Single Person8
  • Family41
  • Group3



  • Owned Outright16
  • Owned with a Mortgage4
  • Rented24
  • Other8


  • Separate House44
  • Semi-detached0
  • Flat, unit3
  • Other3

No. of Bedrooms

  • 1 bedroom6
  • 2 bedrooms5
  • 3 bedrooms16
  • 4 bedrooms11
  • 5 bedrooms6
  • 6 bedrooms or more4
  • Other0