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Cheshunt Population Statistics

Cheshunt is a small rural village situated in the Upper King Valley in north-east Victoria, Australia. It is located about 50 km from Wangaratta and is close to the Alpine National Park. Cheshunt Post Office opened on 2 August 1886. The Cheshunt post office now operates out of the general store/ takeaway food shop. Golfers play at the course of the Whitfield and District Golf Club. Following the closure of the small local primary school sometime in the 70's/80's, primary aged children must now travel to the Whitfield Primary school a short distance up the road. Cheshunt also has a local public/ memorial hall and several wineries in the immediate area. A popular local recreational and fishing area is Lake William Hovel further up the valley Out of 256 residents, 136 (53%) are male, 120 (47%) are female, and the average age is 44.
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Property Median Price

Demographics Data

People and Families


  • Male136
  • Female120


  • 0 - 1450
  • 15 - 2420
  • 25 - 3417
  • 35 - 4437
  • 45 - 5445
  • 55 - 6448
  • 65+40

Type of Household

  • Single Person34
  • Family70
  • Group0



  • Owned Outright54
  • Owned with a Mortgage21
  • Rented23
  • Other6


  • Separate House104
  • Semi-detached0
  • Flat, unit0
  • Other0

No. of Bedrooms

  • 1 bedroom5
  • 2 bedrooms22
  • 3 bedrooms49
  • 4 bedrooms23
  • 5 bedrooms3
  • 6 bedrooms or more0
  • Other3