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Whitemore Population Statistics

Whitemore is a small rural town in Northern Tasmania, in the Meander Valley Council area. The town's land and surrounding rural area was first granted to Richard Dry in the 1830s then sold for farming to William Hingston in 1854. Hingston constructed a Wesleyan Chapel, near which a few later buildings were added. Over time the town has had a blacksmith, post office, library, shops and petrol station; none of these remain in the 21st Century. Shaw Contracting, a large Civil engineering firm formed by James Alan Hope Shaw, has been the most significant business in the town's history. Whitemore's most prominent features are the 1864 brick church, adjacent original church building dating from 1857—now a community hall—and the large workshop and offices of Shaw contracting. Out of 236 residents, 123 (52%) are male, 113 (48%) are female, and the average age is 36.
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Property Median Price

Demographics Data

People and Families


  • Male123
  • Female113


  • 0 - 1454
  • 15 - 2425
  • 25 - 3431
  • 35 - 4431
  • 45 - 5427
  • 55 - 6443
  • 65+26

Type of Household

  • Single Person20
  • Family63
  • Group3



  • Owned Outright33
  • Owned with a Mortgage25
  • Rented21
  • Other6


  • Separate House85
  • Semi-detached0
  • Flat, unit0
  • Other0

No. of Bedrooms

  • 1 bedroom0
  • 2 bedrooms9
  • 3 bedrooms46
  • 4 bedrooms20
  • 5 bedrooms7
  • 6 bedrooms or more0
  • Other3