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Search for Real Estate with a central vacuum system in Australia

What is a central vacuum system?

In our day to day lives we breathe in vast amounts of dust without realizing. Statistics show that in the average Australian home approximately 18 kilos of dust accumulates over the span of just one year. As dust has various impacts on health and affects people with allergies such as asthma, frequent cleaning is ideal.

We all know everybody's most hated task at home is cleaning, so the easier cleaning is the more likely it is to get done more often. An inbuilt house vacuum system could be the answer you need for a more pleasant cleaning experience.

Central Vacuum System

A central vacuum system (also known as built-in or ducted) is different to the conventional hand held vacuum cleaner as it is installed in advance into a building or home. Up until recently vacuum cleaning has brought up images of plugging a standard household vacuum cleaner into a power plug and pulling it all over the house, however an inbuilt house vacuum system can make cleaning a more simple process. These house vacuum systems include valves installed in each room or corridor that lead to the central unit. Simply connecting a hose to these valves allows vacuuming to start creating a quieter, simpler cleaning experience.

When cleaning multiple rooms there is no need to lug a heavy vacuum around while disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable to each rooms power point, the sucked up dust and dirt goes through the pipes and then into the one central unit allowing for easy disposal. Central vacuum systems also clean without dirtying the air of the room, as well as operating at lower sound levels than a conventional vacuum.

Benefits of a central vacuum system in your home:

- Simpler task of vacuuming as there is no need to carry a heavy machine around the house, a big plus for homes with stairs or multiple levels.

- Easy disposal of vacuumed dust and debris as it is sent to a large bag in a central location. Bag or cyclone type conventional vacuum cleaners are limited by their smaller storage of dust etc., requiring higher frequency of emptying.

- Unlike conventional vacuums the sucked air does not get expelled out of the vacuum leaving cleaner air in the room. Traditional vacuums even when equipped with a filter expel a small amount of dust and mites back into the room.

- Escape the usual noise associated with traditional vacuums, as actual machine is not located inside the vacuumed room.

The negatives of a central vacuum system in your home:

- Suction hose can often be longer compared to conventional vacuum hoses and therefore may be more difficult to pack away.

- The larger model dust bags are often specific to each vacuum system and generally more expensive.

- There are initial installation fees that also need to be considered.

Although there still some negatives for central vacuum systems, after a one time installation your household cleaning could become a more pleasant experience.

When choosing your next rental property or buying your new dream home, it might be worth considering a property which includes a central vacuum system. If you already own your dream home, it is possible to install one and get the benefits of a simpler cleaning process.

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