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Winninowie Population Statistics

Winninowie is a locality in the Mid North of South Australia. It is traversed by the Augusta Highway which is part of the Australian National Highway on Highway 1. It includes the intersection of Horrocks Pass Road, also known as Main North Road with the main highway. Winninowie is 21 kilometres (13 mi) southeast of Port Augusta, on the plain between Spencer Gulf on the west and the southern Flinders Ranges on the east. The locality of Winninowie spans the boundary between the local government areas of the City of Port Augusta (which includes the Augusta Highway and Adelaide-Port Augusta railway line), and the District Council of Mount Remarkable. A railway siding at Winninowie opened with the line in 1936; a crossing loop remains there today. Winninowie Post Office opened on 1 September 1880 and closed on 31 May 1928.
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