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Wujal Wujal Population Statistics

Wujal Wujal is a small Aboriginal community on the north and south sides of the Bloomfield River in northern Queensland, Australia. It has an area of 19.94 square kilometres of land. It is located approximately 30 kilometres (19 mi) north of Cape Tribulation and 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Cooktown. Access to the community is via a partly unsealed road which is only suitable for four wheel drive vehicles. This is due to the gradient of the terrain and the many streams and rivers that make up the Daintree drainage basin which cross the path at very regular intervals. During high waterflow the road from Cape Tribulation is unpassable. The road from Cooktown is partly sealed but driveable with a two-wheel drive in the dry season. The rare Bloomfield River Cod (Guyu wujalwujalensis) is found only in the Bloomfield River and is named after this community. Out of 270 residents, 133 (49%) are male, 137 (51%) are female, and the average age is 24.
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Property Median Price

Demographics Data

People and Families


  • Male133
  • Female137


  • 0 - 1455
  • 15 - 2459
  • 25 - 3436
  • 35 - 4451
  • 45 - 5437
  • 55 - 6425
  • 65+7

Type of Household

  • Single Person11
  • Family57
  • Group0



  • Owned Outright0
  • Owned with a Mortgage0
  • Rented70
  • Other0


  • Separate House56
  • Semi-detached0
  • Flat, unit15
  • Other0

No. of Bedrooms

  • 1 bedroom8
  • 2 bedrooms16
  • 3 bedrooms31
  • 4 bedrooms15
  • 5 bedrooms0
  • 6 bedrooms or more0
  • Other0