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Profile of Wagait

The Wagait Shire is a local government area in the Northern Territory. The council was established as the Cox Peninsula Community Government Council on 28 April 1995 and renamed with effect from 1 July 2008. The shire is located west of Darwin, Northern Territory, as a 15-minute ferry ride, or a 138 kilometres (86 mi) drive on fully sealed roads. The council derived its previous name from the Cox Peninsula. It was named after Matthew Dillon Cox who was regarded as the Territory's first pastoralist, who applied for a lease over the peninsula in 1869, just after the establishment of Darwin. The current name is derived from the name of the township located near Wagait Beach. Out of 369 residents, 194 (53%) are male, 175 (47%) are female, and the average age is 47.
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