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Western Australia

Western Australia (WA), or the 'Wildflower State' as its affectionately known, is the biggest Australian state in land area, but it is Australia's least populous state (2.6 million people). Its most iconic city, is the capital city, Perth, but Margaret River, Broome and Kalgoorie are equally as prominent. Western Australia, although one of the ‘newer states’ in terms of colonization by the British, was actually the first part of Australia to be discovered, when the Dutchman, Dirk Hartog landed on Cape Inscription in 1616 (more than 250 years before the British colonised Australia.

Western Australia is huge. It accounts for about one third of Australia’s land area. How big is this? Well if Western Australia was considered its own country, it would be one of the ten biggest countries in the world! The total area of the state spans more than 2,500,000 km2, (compared with the total area of India being 3,300,000km2, France being 643,800km2 and Germany 357,168 km2).

Western Australia has a high rate of foreign-born residents, the highest of all Australia’s states (33.2% born overseas), Western Australia' ethnic mix is diverse, with the top six ethnicities being English, Australian (yes, there is a higher rate of Englishmen than ‘Australians’), Irish, Scottish, Italian and Indigenous Australians. The top three countries of birth of people from Western Australia are England, Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa.

Western Australia’s Margaret River has a world famous wine and food reputation as well. The wines produced in the Margaret River are absolutely fantastic, and the food is equally as amazing. The most incredible thing about Margaret River is that the valley is incredibly close to the beach, so the seafood served at some of the Winery restaurants perfectly accompanies their locally produced vinos; and there is that surf/beach cultural that melds well with the wine farming and agricultural environment.

The temperatures of the state can range from mild in winter months (Jun – Aug) to scorching hot in the summer months (Dec – Feb). Based on the seasons, various sports and activities are available to participate or to spectate. Cricket is a really popular sport in Summer and Aussie Rules and soccer are the choice winter sports (rugby union and rugby league are not popular on the West Coast, but rugby union is getting more popular) and fishing/camping are really popular pastimes all year round. In Summer, families regularly go to the beach to surf or swim and barbeques are a regular occurrence at parks and backyards.

Western Australia is such a big, sparse and tough state. But it is equally as natural and modern as it is industrial and hard-hitting. Being so far away from the East coast cities, Western Australian cities have a special element that differentiates themselves in a very good way.