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South Australia

South Australia (SA), or the 'Festival’ or ‘Wine’ State as its affectionately known. Its capital city, is Adelaide, which is where about 75% of the state’s population reside. Adelaide is also known as the ‘City of Churches’ with some of the biggest and most architecturally iconic of Australia’s churches being based. South Australia has always had a reputation for industry with many of Australia’s large manufacturing plants being based in the state, which will follow on into the future as plans for large Defence manufacturing projects are earmarked for a South Australia base.

South Australia is Australia’s fourth largest state by land area. A lot of this land is arid and too dry to be used productively, however it is also home to many of Australia’s finest wine-making valleys. The Barossa Valley is perhaps the most recognized of wine regions in South Australia, however, the Clare Valley, Eden Valley, McClaren Vale, Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills etc are also wine regions that are often recognisable on the bottles of popular Australian wines. Some of Australia's best-known wines like Penfolds Grange, Jacob's Creek, Yalumba and Henschke Hill of Grace are produced here, as well as many of Australia's mass-produced box wines.

The temperatures of the state can range from cold - mild in winter months (Jun – Aug) to scorching hot in the summer months (Dec – Feb). An annual temperature range of -8.2 to 50.7 degrees Celsius is common in South Australia. Based on the seasons, various sports and activities are available to participate or to spectate. Cricket is a really popular sport in Summer and Aussie Rules is the choice winter sport (rugby union and rugby league are not very popular unlike the North Eastern states) and fishing/camping are really popular pastimes all year round. In Summer, families regularly go to the Southern coast to the Great Australian Bite for outdoor and fun water activities.

South Australia is a tough and industrial state that has its artistic and mellow touches such as the wine industry and its famous churches. There are many attractions throughout the state from Ayers Rock on the far Northern side to the Great Australian Bite on the far Southern coast, and everywhere in between. Enjoy the wine, the kind hospitality of the people, the lovely natural panoramas and the famous events of this festival state.